Human organoid systems in modeling reproductive tissue development, function, and disease

S Haider, AG Beristain
Human Reproduction 2023

Assessment of the human placental microbiome in early pregnancy

V Sharlandjieva, AG Beristain, J Terry
Frontiers in Medicine 2023

Transcriptomic mapping of the metzincin landscape in human trophoblasts

Jasmin Wächter, Matthew Shannon, Alexander G. Beristain
Gene Expression Patterns 2022

Cell trajectory modeling identifies a primitive trophoblast state defined by BCAM enrichment

Matthew Shannon, Jennet Baltayeva, Barbara Castellana, Jasmin Wächter, Gina McNeill, Ji Soo Yoon, Jenna Treissman, Hoa Le, Pascal Lavoie, Alexander G. Beristain
Development 2022

Cell-specific characterization of the placental methylome

Victor Yuan, Desmond Hui, Yifan Yin, Maria S. Peñaherrera, Alexander G. Beristain & Wendy P. Robinson
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Maternal Obesity and the Uterine Immune Cell Landscape: The Shaping Role of Inflammation

Lauren E. St-Germain, Barbara Castellana, Jennet Baltayeva and Alexander G. Beristain
Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2020

Matrix metalloproteinase 15 plays a pivotal role in human first trimester cytotrophoblast invasion and is not altered by maternal obesity

Alejandro Majali‐Martinez Denise Hoch Carmen Tam‐Amersdorfer Jürgen Pollheimer Andreas Glasner Nassim Ghaffari‐Tabrizi‐Wizsy Alexander G. Beristain Ursula Hiden Martina Dieber‐Rotheneder Gernot Desoye
FASEB Journal 2020

Low oxygen enhances trophoblast column growth by potentiating differentiation of the extravillous lineage and promoting LOX activity

Jenna Treissman , Victor Yuan , Jennet Baltayeva , Hoa T. Le , Barbara Castellana , Wendy P. Robinson, Alexander G. Beristain
In collection: Human development 2020

Obesogenic diet exposure alters uterine natural killer cell biology and impairs vasculature remodeling in mice

Jennet Baltayeva, Chaini Konwar, Barbara Castellana, Danielle L Mara, Julian K Christians, Alexander G Beristain
Biology of Reproduction 2020

Regulation of Placental Extravillous Trophoblasts by the Maternal Uterine Environment

Jürgen Pollheimer1, Sigrid Vondra1, Jennet Baltayeva2,3, Alexander Guillermo Beristain2,3 and Martin Knöfler1*
Frontiers in Immunology 2018

ADAM8 localizes to extravillous trophoblasts within the maternal–fetal interface and potentiates trophoblast cell line migration through a β1 integrin-mediated mechanism

H T Le, J Atif, D L Mara, B Castellana, J Treissman, J Baltayeva, A G Beristain
Molecular Human Reproduction 2018

Maternal obesity alters uterine NK activity through a functional KIR2DL1/S1 imbalance

Barbara Castellana, Sofie Perdu, Yoona Kim, Kathy Chan, Jawairia Atif, Megan Marziali, Alexander G Beristain
Immunology and Cell Biology 2018

ADAM28 localizes to HLA-G+ trophoblasts and promotes column cell outgrowth

L.C.De Luca, H.T.Le, D.L.Mara, A.G.Beristain
Placenta 2017

Maternal obesity alters uterine NK cell activity through a functional KIR2DL1/S1 imbalanc

Barbara Castellana, Sofie Perdu, Yoona Kim, Kathy Chan, Jawairia Atif, Megan Marziali, Alexander G. Beristain
BioRxiv 2017

Editorial: Uteroplacental mingling: who's kissing uNK?

Terry K. Morgan Alexander G. Beristain
JLB 2016

Maternal obesity drives functional alterations in uterine NK cells

Sofie Perdu, Barbara Castellana, Yoona Kim, Kathy Chan, Lauren DeLuca, and Alexander G. Beristain
JCI Insight 2016

ADAM12 and PAPP-A: Candidate regulators of trophoblast invasion and first trimester markers of healthy trophoblasts

Julian K. Christians & Alexander G. Beristain
Cell Adhesion & Migration 2015

ADAM12-directed ectodomain shedding of E-cadherin potentiates trophoblast fusion

M Aghababaei, K Hogg, S Perdu, W P Robinson & A G Beristain
Cell Death & Differentiation 2015

The Elsevier Trophoblast Research Award Lecture: Importance of metzincin proteases in trophoblast biology and placental development: A focus on ADAM12

MahrooAghababaeiab, Alexander G.Beristain
Placenta 2015

A Progesterone-CXCR4 Axis Controls Mammary Progenitor Cell Fate in the Adult Gland

Yu-JiaShiah, Pirashaanthy Tharmapalan, Alison E.Casey, Purna A.Joshi, Trevor D.McKee, Hartland W.Jackson, Alexander G.Beristain, Michelle A.Chan-Seng-Yue, Gary D.Bader, John P.Lydon, Paul D.Waterhouse, Paul C.Boutros, Rama Khokha
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PKA signaling drives mammary tumorigenesis through Src

A G Beristain, S D Molyneux, P A Joshi, N C Pomroy, M A Di Grappa, M C Chang, L S Kirschner, G G Privé, M A Pujana & R Khokha
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IGFBP-4 and −5 are expressed in first-trimester villi and differentially regulate the migration of HTR-8/SVneo cells

Erin J Crosley, Caroline E Dunk, Alexander G Beristain & Julian K Christians
Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2014

Activation of endocrine-related gene expression in placental choriocarcinoma cell lines following DNA methylation knock-down

K. Hogg, W.P. Robinson, A.G. Beristain
Molecular human reproduction 2014

A disintegrin and metalloproteinase 12 (ADAM12) localizes to invasive trophoblast, promotes cell invasion and directs column outgrowth in early placental development

M. Aghababaei, S. Perdu, K. Irvine, A.G. Beristain
Molecular Human Reproduction, Volume 20, Issue 3, March 2014

Homotypic RANK signaling differentially regulates proliferation, motility and cell survival in osteosarcoma and mammary epithelial cells

Alexander G. Beristain , Swami R. Narala , Marco A. Di Grappa , Rama Khokha
Journal of Cell Science 2012

Regulated Expression of ADAMTS-12 in Human Trophoblastic Cells: A Role for ADAMTS-12 in Epithelial Cell Invasion?

Alexander G. Beristain ,Hua Zhu,Peter C. K. Leung
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Progesterone induces adult mammary stem cell expansion

Purna A. Joshi, Hartland W. Jackson, Alexander G. Beristain, Marco A. Di Grappa, Patricia A. Mote, Christine L. Clarke, John Stingl, Paul D. Waterhouse & Rama Khokha
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Prkar1a is an osteosarcoma tumor suppressor that defines a molecular subclass in mice

Sam D. Molyneux,1 Marco A. Di Grappa,1 Alexander G. Beristain,1 Trevor D. McKee,1 Daniel H. Wai,2 Jana Paderova,1 Meenakshi Kashyap,1 Pingzhao Hu,3 Tamara Maiuri,1 Swami R. Narala,1 Vuk Stambolic,1 Jeremy Squire,1 Josef Penninger,4 Otto Sanchez,1 Timothy J. Triche,2 Geoffrey A. Wood,1 Lawrence S. Kirschner,5 and Rama Khokha1
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Cellular Localization of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH) I and GnRH II in First-Trimester Human Placenta and Decidua

Chun-Shan Chou, Alexander G. Beristain, Colin D. MacCalman, Peter C. K. Leung
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Expression of Messenger RNA for ADAMTS Subtypes Changes in the Periovulatory Follicle after the Gonadotropin Surge and During Luteal Development and Regression in Cattle1

Pavneesh Madan, Phillip J. Bridges, Carolyn M. Komar, Alexander G. Beristain, Rajadurai Rajamahendran, Joanne E. Fortune, Colin D. MacCalman
Biology of Reproduction, Volume 69, Issue 5, 1 November 2003

Completed Theses

Characterization of the human first trimester placental protease landscape using single-cell RNA sequencing

Jasmin Wächter - MSc 2022

Effects of obesogenic diet on uterine natural killer cell function and vascular remodeling in pregnancy in mice

Jennet Baltayeva - MSc 2019

Investigation of aneuploidy and mosaicism throughout pregnancies conceived through assisted reproductive technologies (ART)

Katherine Watt - MSc 2019

Examining the effects of oxygen tension on extravillous trophoblast column outgrowth during the first trimester of pregnancy

Jenna Treissman - MSc 2019

Characterizing ADAM28 function in trophoblast differentiation

Lauren De Luca - MSc 2016

A disintegrin and metalloproteinase 12 (ADAM12) localizes to invasive trophoblast, promotes cell invasion and directs column outgrowth in early placental development

Mahroo Aghababaei - MSc 2015

Human placentation : the characterization of novel molecular mechanisms involved in trophoblast invasion

Alex Beristain - PhD 2007